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Reclaim your Power + Prepare for the Summer Solstice

June 19, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

summer solstice

The Summer Solstice is a time to honour and celebrate our ability to grow and strengthen the light within. As the sun climbs to its highest point and is suspended in the sky for the longest period, it provides us vital force that sustains all of life, giving us a focal point and uniting our purpose to achieve our highest ambitions.

Together, we will use the amplified energy of this powerful day to uncover and compassionately release what is no longer aligned with your values, while feeding the fires of your burning desires to bring magick and meaning to your life.
Reiki + Yoga unites us to the Universal Flow and connects us to our own personal rhythms. Arouse your own inner guiding light that is leading you towards living a purposeful, intentional and joy-filled life through movement and breath while receiving Reiki, a natural healing art that promotes healing, balance and health.
The potent combination of Reiki + Yoga will allow you to reclaim your sovereignty while igniting your inner fire and “can do” energy. Call back energy you have lost so you can uplift and become strengthened by your own light.
Christina will lead you through a warming, powerful vinyasa practice including sun salutations, strong standing poses, core engagement, meditation and breathwork while keeping things playful and creative as you fully connect with the energy of the sun. She will invite fire in to burn away all that you have outgrown as she works into the solar plexus chakra,  or what we call the “city of jewels”.
Sairah will send energy throughout the practice to enhance the quality of life, restore the body’s balance and help move stagnant energy within the solar plexus. Balancing this energy center will allow you to grow and become a better version of yourself taking action and leaving behind what no longer works for you.  You will feel free to choose your own path and proud of your own achievements as a master of your own destiny.
Following the class, Sairah will walk you through an intention setting practice, and release ritual to help you prepare and utilize the energy of the Summer Solstice which will take place the following day, on Saturday, June 20th.
    • Bring about purification to attract abundance
    • Opportunity to set intentions to make the most of this energy
    • Move inner desires to the surface to make them a reality
    • Release blockages that are getting in the way of personal empowerment
    • Give creativity, clarity + focus to goals and dreams
    • Enhance confidence to manifest ambitions
    • Propels the body to achieve mental, spiritual and physical balance


Aren’t able to attend live? The class will be recorded via Zoom and will be available to watch/ download for up to 7-days following the event.


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Sairah Pettes
Christina Hennelly
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