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Curious about Energy Healing but not sure what to expect? 

When we share our experiences, it brings a great level of comfort trust and belief that WE TOO can make a positive shift in our lives.

There is nothing more rewarding than hearing how your healing journey went for you. If you have something positive to share that would enlighten and uplift others,

I invite you to leave your feedback!

May we continue to expand, and radiate together!

Kayla Saint-Onge

When I first met Sairah, I was instantly drawn to her energy. She seemed very down to earth, connected and grounded. I just knew I had to book in for a session! And I’m so glad I did. I loved everything about it: the music, eye mask, the clearing with sage, the follow up after with all of Sairah’s insights and downloads. And finally, the oracle card reading. I also appreciated the emailed notes she followed up with to help recall and document the findings from the session!

She is a knowledgeable soul and intuitive. She deeply cares for her clients, their comfort and emotional wellbeing. She does not take her gift of working with people so intimately, lightly and extends gratitude for this. She shows care, support and concern for helping you achieve what you are looking to get out of the session. And the feeling of her session is extremely relaxing and healing!

Working with Sairah has helped me to reconnect the dots to the physical lower back/glute pain I was experiencing due to a blocked sacral chakra. But it went deeper than that.

With her intuitive capabilities, she was able to share more about what my inner child was longing for as well as channel messages from my grandfathers. The connection was so strong, I actually smelt the aroma of my grandads presence! Knowing my grandad’s are watching over me makes me feel so good.

A lot of what came through was very aligned to challenges I was currently facing and helped confirm and give guidance in those areas! Sairah has a true gift and I would go back to do a channelling session on its own if it’s a service she offers in the future.”

Bre Russel

“If you are interested in learning more about energy healing, in a place of non-judgement Sairah will hold space for you!  During my healing session with Sairah, I noticed a bright white light over my left eye, felt lightness in my body, and tingling sensations all over. It was the most relaxing session I’ve ever had, and the smells of palo santo and sage were fantastic!

I loved going over the messages after the treatment and uncovering how it all relates to what I have been thinking and feeling. I feel so much more relaxed, lighter and aware to what’s around me. Thank you Sairah for helping me to listen to my mind, body and spirit again.”

Sonja Kilian

Before working with Sairah, I was dealing with stress, disconnection from my body, my emotions, and struggling with believing in myself. After just one energy healing session, my confidence in my body has increased slightly, I feel calmer and I have renewed hope that healing is possible for me. I was also blown away by the messages that Sairah received during the healing. They were bang on and it blew my mind how much she knew about me, my past and my current struggles without me ever speaking a word. The fact that she could identify my greatest fear in life is still unbelievable to me! I am still trying to wrap my mind around that! I appreciate how kind and caring she was when I became emotional during the discussion.

To anyone who is considering working with Sairah, I would say be open to the experience and you will definitely come away with new knowledge and understanding about yourself. Thank you, Sairah!”

Emily Campbell

After speaking with Sairah I began to recognize that I was being affected by other people’s stress and that it was deeply impacting my own mood. Sairah had mentioned there were ways to protect yourself from other people’s energies, so I thought I’d give energy healing a try!  

The day of my session, I felt really unbalanced and was experiencing pent up anger that I didn’t really know what the cause was. ⁣I was also experiencing knee and ankle pain, which improved after only one session! While receiving healing in that area, I felt a warming sensation and subtle tingling. I also noted the feeling of having MANY hands on me, more than two. ⁣

The whole experience from beginning to end was so well thought out.⁣ Sairah clearly knows her craft and has given a lot of attention to every part of the session. If you’re new to energy healing, go in with an open mind, and know that you’re in good hands.”

Janet Howitt

“I felt called to work with Sairah after having a 15-min Energy Healing Intro session with her, as I couldn’t believe how accurate she was in her assessment and the changes I felt in body only after 15-mins! I had been feeling daily fatigue, sadness, and quite lost. I just knew that it was time for me to do this.  

During my initial energy healing session, I felt a sense of water rushing through my body and noticed the colour blue all around me. I also saw visions of children playing and felt tingling and heaviness on my right side. After the healing took place, I immediately felt lighter in my body, experienced a bit more energy, and felt very hopeful.

My favourite part of the healing was working with Sairah herself. I very much appreciate her professionalism, warmth, and commitment to your safety. If you’re thinking about trying energy work, I encourage you to take the leap, and love yourself enough to explore this ancient practice and wisdom!”

Christine Halbert

“Prior to having an energy healing session with Sairah I was feeling overwhelmed and stuck. It was amazing how relaxed I was during the session and how comfortable I felt with Sairah. Showing up for an energy healing session with Sairah has been a transformative experience and has supported me in slowing down more often!”

Christine Halbert

“When I was in a place of lacking confidence and self-worth, I ran into Sairah at a health fair and was intrigued by her bright and open energy. I wanted to also feel open and light and having an energy healing session with her most definitely helped me to experience this.   During the session, I saw colours of greens and blues and felt an intensifying heat running through me. I also felt a sense of being able to let go, make peace and move on. This was SO empowering! I now know that I am worth the space I take.  Thank you Sairah for creating a healing environment without judgement. If you’re considering working with Sairah, I would say to let go and trust her. She is genuine and kind, and you are absolutely safe with her.”

Natalie Thibodeau

“Before working with Sairah I was struggling with my lower chakras. They were deficient compared to my higher chakras. I was really looking to find more balance in my life, and I heard great things about Turn up the Love Energy Healing and the services Sairah offered. I decided to experience it for myself, and I’m thrilled that I did!  

I couldn’t believe how much love and compassion I felt throughout the entire session. Everything was very intentional and every detail was considered. It felt great from beginning to end.

After just one session, I feel more grounded, confident and the healing has helped me find more balance and harmony. The only thing I would change is just having a longer treatment! Haha. If you want to infuse more self-care into your life, or are looking for help with rebalancing your chakras, go see Sairah. She has a strong intuition, is very nurturing and will support you in all the right ways!”

Viki Armonia

“Prior to working with Sairah, I was dealing with anxiety, ruminating thoughts, and unbalanced chakras. During the session, I felt surges of energy being infused in me. I felt like I was in water and as if the waves were inside me. Surges of energy would ripple through my body. It’s as if my soul body was being massaged and catered to specifically what my energy needed. It was fulfilling and pleasant and definitely felt healing. After the session, I felt incredibly relaxed. It was a really great thing to feel and experience and difficult to explain. I felt a body high and a very still mind, which is unusual for me.”

Jessica Fennema

I was feeling physically tired and mentally drained after a hectic two months at work and just felt disconnected from myself. So I was greatly looking forward to a healing session with Sairah. I noticed my body immediately relax as I entered her place. Sairah creates a sacred space and a feeling of safety and peace. 

As sairah started the reiki session I instantly fell into a deep relaxation. At moments, I felt an out of body experience. To be frank, it was the best spiritual trip of my life. I could tell my energy body was in harmony.

I also loved the fact that we chatted about the session/experience after it was done. She explained to me what she felt and what messages she received for me. It really opened my eyes and just made so much sense. I was so relaxed mentally and physically and I could tell my body was at inner peace.

I would recommend anyone who feels a bit run-down, tired or stressed out to book a session with Sairah. I am sure you will feel the difference not only physically but mentally as well.”

Kim Grimes

Before working with Sairah I was feeling a bit negative and unmotivated. I had worked with Sairah in the past and have always benefited from her knowledge, intuition and positivity.  I’ve had energy healings done before, which were helpful and was sure Sairah would provide an excellent session. I definitely wasn’t disappointed! Since our session, I now have a new optimistic attitude and some guidance on how to achieve my goals and I have and some self-care tips to be the very best version of me. I really enjoyed listening to Sairah’s guidance; the relaxation of the treatment and cuddling with her puppy Layla during my oracle reading. It was an excellent well-rounded session and I received more constructive guidance than I have from other energy healing practitioners, which was great! I already have suggested her to a friend and I said it was an excellent and very informative session and that Sairah was a very intuitive healer.”

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