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Curious about Energy Healing but not sure what to expect? 

When we share our experiences, it brings a great level of comfort trust and belief that WE TOO can make a positive shift in our lives.

There is nothing more rewarding than hearing how your healing journey went for you. If you have something positive to share that would enlighten and uplift others,

I invite you to leave your feedback!

May we continue to expand, and radiate together!

Rose Pectin
Vancouver, BC, Canada
“Sairah is an absolutely amazing, incredible healer and mentor. She changes lives! She is a very wise, caring, encouraging woman and I admire her immensely.  I was still asleep when Sairah did the Distance energy session due to the time zone difference. Later in the day when we had a one-to-one conversation I felt understood! I felt so incredibly thankful for Sairah and the work that she’s doing to help me. One of the biggest takeaways was that from a distance Sairah was able to know what I needed. I need to release the negative things that are getting in the way of me living in peace and freedom. I need to be honest with myself and others about my needs. And I need to treat myself a little bit better too. Have some fun, and spend some time outside in nature. She was totally right!
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

“I believe that there is a great level of vulnerability and trust required for this practice, so I initially felt a little nervous about opening up those parts of myself to someone who is newer to my life. However, Sairah brings such great care, respect, and honour to her role that I felt carefully and lovingly held instead of exposed. It was amazing that a practice with geographical distance could feel so personal and connected. I also appreciated that Sairah expertly shared what she learned in the reading, but left space for my own experience and understanding of it.

I don’t think this type of healing would have been possible for me had I not had that type of connection with such a good soul. Equally, of importance, she connected me back to myself during a stressful time. I went into the session with an open heart and left with a full one.”

Courtney Landreau
Houston, Texas, USA
I absolutely consider Sairah a dear friend and I consider her a friend because she has helped me in many ways. One of those ways is the distance healing session with her Reiki practice. We’ve worked together a few times now, and she’s always able to tap into everything that’s going on with me and is helping to lead me on a path to healing. I moved from feeling weighed down and suffocated to feeling light and free and like I can finally breathe. Thank you Sairah!”

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